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Latest Post: The Way Of Integrity With Oprah’s Life Coach Martha Beck

Martha Beck says if you want let go of fear, you must start living with integrity. She is Oprah’s Life Coach and author of The Way of Integrity. In her book, Beck presents a four-stage process that anyone can use to find integrity, and with it, a sense of purpose, emotional healing, and a life…

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Improve Memory & Unleash Your Brain with Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik, the world’s #1 brain coach and author of Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, a great all-around…

Reprioritize in the New Year with Dr. Spirit

After a difficult 2020, many of you have told me that you feel stuck in a job or regarding health and wellness, or a relationship….

How To Be Fearless with Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden is a journalist, TV host, and author (of 12 books!), including her most recent, Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid…

Reinvent Yourself At 50 with Lesley Jane Seymour

Let’s talk about reinvention. Lesley Jane Seymour knows a thing or two about this topic. After a long career in magazines, including as Editor-in-Chief of…

Rebecca Zung Blog Thumbnail

How to Spot A Narcissist with Rebecca Zung

Negotiation in relationships can be tough. But did you know there is a way to negotiate so you can get everything you want and get…

Laura Geller Blog Thumbnail

Mature Skin Makeup with Makeup Artist Laura Geller!

“If you want it, go get it!” That’s Laura Geller’s advice for tapping into your bold and embarking on your next chapter in your career….

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