This Is The Coolest Aunt-T

assistant Jul 29

My dear friend Melanie Notkin is a Savvy Auntie if I have ever met one! And, I so love the shirt she sent me! I cannot wait to wear it with my little nephew !

Here’s the history behind the coolest T around for aunties! What happens when Boy Meets Girl founder Stacy Igel, one of the Coolest Aunties ever, meets Savvy Auntie founder, Melanie Notkin? They immediately become Bestie Aunties and create the Coolest AUNT-T Collab!

The Coolest AUNT-T is the coolest gift for yourself and all cool aunts, anytime. But hurry, because the Coolest AUNT-T is available only for a limited time through August 31, 2016.Aunt_Tamsen

Since 7-in-10 Savvy Aunties say their nieces and nephews view them as a mentor, Stacy and Melanie want to help inspire more women to Step Up and inspire teen girls through STEP UP‘s after-school and mentorship programs. That’s why we’re donating 10% of all sales of the Coolest AUNT-T directly to the STEP UP. Ya, we think that’s pretty cool, too.

Go get your COOLEST AUNT-T at!