How To Be Fearless with Joan Lunden


Joan Lunden is a journalist, TV host, and author (of 12 books!), including her most recent, Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging. You may know her as a former co-host on Good Morning America for nearly two decades, making her the longest-running female host ever on early morning television. But it’s how Joan continued to be fearless and bold after her time on GMA that makes her such a rockstar to me.

During our chat, I talked to her about the daunting topic of aging and I confessed my fears of turning 50 to her. Her response? “Turning 50 is nothing! You’re like a spring chicken!”

She also gave her insight on how to overcome self-doubt and instead, embrace your self-confidence. When Joan was 47 years old, GMA hired a Joan lookalike…the only difference? She was 30. It was clear they were deeming her “too old” for her job. She decided to exit with her head held high, leaving the show in a dignified way. While she was transitioning out of the show, an interviewer asked her what she could possibly do that would be equal to her time on GMA. Joan has been defying that sentiment since she stepped offset. She’s shown you can do anything.

Joan says one of the biggest keys to transitions is believing in yourself and taking care of yourself early. Her mission is to help women understand what happens to their bodies as they get older. She even dubs that midlife period as the “Oh my God!” phase, because there are so many major changes that are so under-discussed, that many feel alone and confused. Her PBS show, Second Opinion with Joan Lunden, is all about healthcare and answers those questions and gives you helpful tips to adjust to your body’s new chemical balance.

What you’ll learn:

  • What physical changes to expect as you enter your midlife years and menopause, and some tips on how to treat them.
  • How to approach new chapters in your life with pride and strength.
  • What George Burns said to her that has stuck with her until today, and what it taught her about the importance of self-care.

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