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The entertainment world has been called many things for women, but “caring, supportive, and kind” are not descriptors that come to mind. From professionals in front of the camera and behind it, we’ve heard nightmares of how people (both men and women) have been unjustly treated.

But once again, we’re reminded that the stories we hear most in the media (think “if it bleeds, it leads”) are not at all reflective of the millions of positive, uplifting and inspiring actions occurring every day in our country and around the world, in all fields and industries.

To hear a more positive story from a seasoned TV veteran, I was excited to catch up this week with Tamsen Fadal, seven-time Emmy® award-winning journalist, author, host, producer and entrepreneur who anchors the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm editions of PIX 11 News in New York City. Tamsen has interviewed some of the most exciting newsmakers and celebrities of our time, and is also executive producer and host of Broadway Profiles, the nationally syndicated show for The Broadway Channel. Dedicated to empowering women, Tamsen has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” “The CBS CBS +2.13% Early Show,” “The Talk,” Lifetime, and A&E in support of this mission. Her latest book is The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling Back In Love With Yourself.

Prior to joining PIX 11, Tamsen worked as a correspondent for the CBS flagship station, WCBS-TV in New York City. In 2002, she traveled to Afghanistan and was embedded with the American troops during the war. Fadal also reported during Operation Enduring Freedom from Air Force bases in London and Germany.

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