Mind Body Green Interview


It was a beautiful New York City night and I was hosting a charity event. In between my hosting duties and conversations, I was fielding e-mails and phone calls while bawling my eyes out in the corner because I knew that more personal details of my divorce were about to be made public to the world (and even written up in the news). My marriage was not going to avoid becoming yet another statistic about the high divorce rate. I realized at that moment that I had to face the fact that I was no longer a “we.” From that night on, I knew this: I was back to being just “me.”

I then began to ask myself, Who am I?!

Well, in the aftermath of this not-so-secret divorce, I have learned quite a few lessons about how to handle the process of grieving, and how I (and how anyone, really) can begin new chapter of life at any moment. Above all, I learned lessons about how to love myself again. Here are a few things I did to arrive at this place of new beginning.

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