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Sabina Knows Interview:  Millions of people have watched seven-time (!) Emmy award-winning journalist and author Tamsen Fadal share news and stories that matter for years, from the anchor desk of PIX11 News as well as her appearances and features everywhere from the Today Show to Elle Magazine. I myself met her ten years ago when she hosted a women’s networking lunch series that I attended. The moment I did I said something like this to myself: “This woman means business, this woman gets so many things done, and man does she do it with grace, charm, smarts and kindness. Take note young Sabina.” Unlike some first impressions, as I got to know her over the past decade I didn’t change my mind about who she is and how she has a clear grasp on what she is passionate about, what her purpose is and how she can share her own story – as personal and as difficult as that can be at times – to make a positive, empowering impact on others. And you know when someone figures out how to do that with their life I want to know how, and I want to share it!

This summer Tamsen became not just the storyteller but in many ways the main character herself when she released her book, The New Single, about her own divorce and how others who are facing a similar journey can get back on track, rediscover their passion, live their best life and fall back in love…with themselves. In many ways this book is meant for any woman undergoing a big life change who needs to break toxic patterns they keep repeating, and finally live a life they love.

Her latest endeavor is just one more reason I invited Tamsen to join my
10 Questions with… interview series. A few other reasons?

She’s an example of a busy person who didn’t just have an idea but who executed on that idea.
She’s a true story of bouncing back from a dark, difficult place in your life, sharing that story, and then serving as a flashlight and messenger for others who find themselves in a similar place.
She’s living proof that you can do what you what you’ve wanted to do since childhood for a living and then some, and you can do it on your terms.
How does she make it happen? Let’s ask Tamsen herself…

The morning routine that most prepares me for a successful day includes…
I am a list girl. I have them everywhere about everything in my life. So, my day begins with a list while I walk up the street to Starbucks. I plan out the list – I dictate it sometimes in my phone and have my day organized before the first sip of my iced coffee!

If I could do anything else in my wildest dreams for a living it would be…
I would love to travel the world and bring back amazing stories from all different cultures. I am obsessed with exploring, learning, being adventurous and meeting new people. I would be a dream job!

As a child I thought I’d be this when I grew up…
I really love what I do as a TV journalist. I used to practice in front of my family in the garage with a box and sit on my knees behind it like I was on TV. So I guess my garage audience inspired me!

The books that have inspired me most are…
The Power of Positive Thinking, Noman Vincent Pearle
Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore
Secrets of Longevity by Maoshing Ni
You Can Heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay
Why We Love, Helen Fisher
Unstuff Your Life, Andrew Mellen

My favorite self-care rituals are…
I love to read. I could do it 24/7. My favorite self care ritual taking the time to make a cup of tea (Honeybee from David’s Teas) and reading at night after I get off the air.
My other self care ritual is on Saturday morning: Meditation, Yoga and Green Juice at my favorite independent health food store – Westerly Market in Hell’s Kitchen.

A behavior that wasn’t serving me that I have since changed…
Looking at other people’s success. It is hard to avoid doing with social media updates coming at us every second. But I realized a few years ago this is my path and my journey and the only way to true happiness, balance and success is to stay in your own lane and it avoid comparing you life to someone elses. It has been the best thing I could ever do for myself and for those around me.

Sabina Knows Interview with Tamsen Fadal

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