Tamsen Fadal Media: Podcasts, articles, TV appearances, and writing

Tamsen Fadal Media: Podcasts, articles, TV appearances, and writing


How To Be A Better Person with Kate Hanley

Tamsen discusses being a leading voice for women to re-think their attitudes toward aging, and how to make aging a new phase of life--and not something to dread.

Real Talk with BELLA + Tamsen Fadal

Vanessa Coppes, is joined by TV Journalist + Author, Tamsen Fadal. On this episode Tamsen talks about menopause advocacy, marriage over the age of 50, + empowering women everywhere!

NYC TV Anchor and Author Tamsen Fadal is unlocking her bold

Tamsen shares how she channeled the shame from going through a public divorce into becoming a best-selling author, helping countless women fall in love with themselves, how living long enough to experience menopause is a gift, and how outliving her late mother is sparking new resolve

We Are Ageist - How A 50-Year-Old TV Anchor Gets It Done

What is it like to be a 50-year-old woman on television? What are the different societal expectations for men and women when it comes to aging? Tamsen Fadal joins David Stewart on the SuperAge podcast to discuss these questions.

MenoLounge Talks with Julie Gordon White

Tamsen talks about balancing her balancing career and health. Tamsen and host Julie Gordon White discuss facing turning 50 head-on and reinventing and pivoting in midlife.

A Certain Age Podcast: Build a Bold Next Act (After a Major Life Change)

Thrown a major midlife curveball with a painful, public divorce—Tamsen rekindled her sense of self and has powerful, do-able advice for facing big life changes with confidence. If you need new tools for whatever life throws at you, this show is for you!

The Mavens of Marketing - Episode #23 Tamsen Fadal

How can your business benefit from storytelling? What makes a good story? In this episode of the Maven's of Marketing, Tamsen sits down with hosts Kerry Barret and Rachel Durkan to discuss how storytelling builds trust with your audience.


More Beautiful Podcast: Unlock Your Bold With Tamsen Fadal

Ready to live more boldy?  Emmy-winning journalist Tamsen Fadal opens up about midlife, menopause, and making the most of your next act.  Tamsen spoke about how she learned to stop letting fear get in the way and how to rewrite the midlife playbook.

The Impossible Podcast – Unlock your Bold

Learn how a love for storytelling led to exciting opportunities and accomplishments for TV journalist Tamsen Fadal. Along the way, graceful navigation of the twists, failures, and heartbreaks left her with bullet-proof advice on how to always be ready.

Glambition® Radio with Ali Brown - Tamsen Fadal

At 41, Tamsen was suddenly single; she didn’t know what to do. After a few hard years, Tamsen came through it and shares all the lessons she learned for surviving, thriving, living, and loving as one of a growing group of women, which she calls The New Single.

Negotiate your Best Life with Rebecca Zung | Tamsen Fadal

In this episode of Rebecca Zung’s hit podcast, Tamsen shares how to pivot and figure out what the next chapter of your life looks like in business, relationships, financially, spiritually or whatever you may want to design?  Tamsen has got some killer thoughts for you.

Tamsen Fadal: Emmy Winning Journalist + Author of “The New Single”

We do a deep dive into the valuable tips she shares in her most recent book: “The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling Back In Love With Yourself After a Break-up or Divorce.” It is a motivational roadmap to rediscovering your power and living your best life.

Jumping In And Dating After Divorce With Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen Fadal, primetime anchor for PIX11 News in New York and author of The New Single: Finding, Fixing, and Falling Back in Love with Yourself provides insight into emerging from major life changes with grace, confidence, and an eye toward self-care, plus a focus in increased awareness that helps women avoid repeating toxic relationship patterns that hold them back.

Forever FAB - Influence, Leadership & Empowerment with Tamsen Fadal

Today’s Forever FAB Podcast features PIX11 news anchor and 11 time Emmy award winner Tamsen Fadal! Dr. Shirley and Tamsen discuss early influences, leadership and empowerment. Tamsen speaks about mentors and her inspiration to write books and teach others what she learned! A great way to kick off the week of International Women's Day!

Inside Scoop Podcast: The Art of Reinvention | Tamsen Fadal

“New Year. New You.” gets thrown around a lot in the beginning of every year. But what if it is time for a new you? Or a big career change? As intimidating as that sounds. Reinventing yourself is possible.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi Talks About Divorce Debt

Half of all marriages end  in divorce. Money is often a big factor. And, if it’s not the motivating factor when you get divorced, you have a financial wake up call. Tamsen shares her story and  what she did when she found herself in $100K in debt following a very public divorce.


Good Life Project, Keeping It Together When Love Falls Apart

Tamsen appears on this podcast to discuss how she managed maintaining a public image while going through a divorce, and gives advice on how to move through earth shattering changes in life. Her book, The New Single helps you fall back in love with yourself.


Naomi Watts Says She Was in Perimenopause at 36 as She Was Trying to Have Children: 'I Was So Alone'

Perimenopause "is a road that no one else should have to walk through alone again without a community, because without proper care taken you are going to turn in on yourself," Watts said.

Don’t Let Perimenopause Catch You Off Guard

“A few years ago, I was leading the10 pm newscast when out of nowhere,I was drenched and could hear my heartbeat in my ears. Minutes later, I was lying on the cold tile floor of the bathroom surrounded by several confused coworkers.” —Tamsen Fadal, 51, Emmy-winning NYC news anchor

Hotflash Inc.: How TikTok is helping us go through menopause

Fadal just joined TikTok in February and had no idea where it would take her, but then she hit over a million views with an early video. Rather than covering menopause, she soon found herself living the story, speaking openly about everything from her fears to her symptoms to going through a divorce.

Bold Social: Reel Women

Short, vertical videos have taken social media by storm. And, while some people assume TikTok and Instagram Reels are a “young person’s game”, plenty of 50+ adults are proving them wrong. Here’s just a handful of the women using their platforms to share aging wisdom, humor, beauty tips and lifestyle advice.

Navigating Menopause At Work: Normalizing Discussions, Building Support And ‘Unlocking Bold’

After a doctor wanted her on antidepressants, months later tests revealed that Fadal went into menopause at that time (she was 48). In the patient portal, her doctor’s comment read: “In menopause. Any questions…”

The $15 Billion Menopause Industry’s Next Target Is TikTok

At 51, Tamsen Fadal was determined to find online communities of women going through menopause but felt that she had aged out of using a platform like TikTok.More than 1 million views later, she has attracted a following of more than 100,000 on the platform, where she dispels menopause myths and reminds women that they're not alone.



#TabooSmasher Spotlight: Tamsen Fadal

Let's smash the taboo with Tamsen Fadal. Tamsen Fadal is an evening news anchor at WPIX-TV, a wife, mom of two, author, and podcast host. Her career is shaped by her commitment to make a difference in the lives of other women.

CBS Talk Takeaway: Relationships with Tamsen Fadal

Relationship expert Tamsen Fadal tells us the "dos and don'ts" of dating after a breakup!

Parade - Television Personality and Former Matchmaker Tamsen Fadal Shares Life Lessons After Divorce

Tamsen is profiled in Parade about writing The New Single after her divorce and how to find your identity again after big life changes.

50 & Up: Ageless Influencers Taking Over TikTok

If you read our Top 40 Over 40 article, you know that age is just a number – and for this group of powerhouse women taking over TikTok’s 50-plus scene, it’s a number to be proud of. With niche content across everything from health and wellness to fashion and beauty, these women are paving the way for radical self-acceptance.

News Whistle - A Fashionable Q&A with…TV Anchor Tamsen Fadal

In Newswhistle’s weekly question-and-answer series, Clara Morgan speaks with some of the world’s top influencers and finds out more about their lives and careers. Tamsen sits down with Clara to discuss confidently and gracefully emerging from life changes in style.

Next TV - WPIX Anchor Fadal’s Salute to Singlehood

Tamsen’s book The New Single goes beyond relationships, with tips on managing careers and finances as well. The book is broken into 90-day guidelines, offering advice on cyberdating, dieting and accepting your former spouse, among other topics.

Huffington Post - Lessons In Gratitude From Two Very Special Women

Tamsen’s article on true friendship and how it’s a rare and precious commodity, and the wisdom of her mother’s words: It is not the quantity of the people in your life; it is the quality and depth of your bond with them and theirs with you.

New York Post - How a dating guru bounced back from a mortifying public divorce

Tamsen’s book The New Single is featured in this article as part confessional and part manual with tips for women reclaiming their identities after break ups or divorces.

Gretchen Rubin - Agree, Disagree? “It’s Better To Be Alone Than Lonely with Someone.”

Tamsen is interviewed in a Q&A about new starts in life, major changes, and her father’s biggest piece of advice: It’s better to be alone than lonely with someone.

KTLA - ‘The New Single’- Bouncing Back from a Breakup

Tamsen appears on KTLA’s morning news show to discuss The New Single and taking her life back after a very public divorce.

Ad Week - WPIX Anchor Tamsen Fadal on Surviving Celebrity Divorce and Loving (Herself) Again

Tamsen is featured in Ad Week discussing how devastating a bad separation can be, but how it’s always possible to rise up and fall in love with yourself again.

List Producer - News Anchor Tamsen Fadal Lives by Lists

Tamsen is interviewed about how she stays organized with lists, and how they keep her focused and get her closer to her goals.

Sabina - 10 Questions with…Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen appears in 10 Questions, where she discusses self-care, finding inspiration, and chasing your dreams

The Orlando Sentinel - Tamsen Fadal - from WFTV to NYC

Tamsen is featured in The Orlando Sentinel about The New Single, showing people they are not alone, and that it’s possible to find confidence once again.

Forbes - How An Inspiring Mentor Helped A Scared Young TV Journalist Achieve Her Dream Career

Tamsen is profiled in Forbes about mentors that shaped her past and helped her get to where she is today.

Downtown Magazine NY - PIX11 News’ Tamsen Fadal on hosting “Broadway Profiles,” living in New York & more

Tamsen appears in Downtown Magazine to discuss her books, Broadway, staying organized and focused on her goals, and her charity work.

The Epoch Times - Sibylle’s Style Diary: PIX11 TV News Anchor and Author Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen is profiled in Style Diary about her fashion dos and don’ts, where she draws inspiration from, and how she expresses herself through her style.

W42 ST Magazine - July 2019

Tamsen appears in this issue to discuss her relentlessly public divorce and how Times Square helped her feel whole again.

W42 ST Magazine - October 2018

Tamsen’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood favorites, from parks to theaters, are featured in W42 Mag.

Tamsen Fadal, 'Girlfriends' Guide' creator weigh in on post-breakup recovery

When Tamsen Fadal got divorced in 2012, she felt like she had hit rock bottom. From the outside looking in, the Emmy Award winner appeared to be on top of the world, as a successful news anchor in New York and the host and executive producer of "Broadway Profiles" on the Broadway Channel. Behind the scenes, though, her marriage had ended and she was picking up the pieces.

Soledad O’Brien talks about her successful shift from the anchor chair to CEO of her own media company

Tamsen Fadal sits down with journalist Soledad O’Brien to discuss pivots and second acts in life.

New York Post: Wide awake above Midtown

As the morning anchor for PIX 11 News since 2008 — her shift is 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. — Fadal tries to get to bed by 8:30 p.m., but it’s usually closer to 10 p.m. She’s awake at 2:15 a.m. and out the door 15 minutes later.

Vidya Sury - Book Review - The New Single by Tamsen Fadal

Tamsen’s The New Single is reviewed by Vidya Sury and is touted as a book that “celebrates being single and emphasizes why self-love is so important.”

TV Appearances

HLN's Weekend Express with Lynn Smith – Tamsen Fadal “The New Single”

The New Single was profiled on HLN’s Weekend Express with Lynn Smith.

Hallmark Channel - Father's Day Special with Tamsen and Jim Fadal

Tamsen appears on the Hallmark Channel’s special with her father, Jim Fadal to discuss The New Single and the piece of advice he gave her that she carries with her even today.

The Talk - Tamsen Fadal - TV Host, Journalist and Dating Expert

Tamsen appears on The Talk and gives viewers tips on how to get back out on the dating scene and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes all over again in the next relationship.

The Insider - Tamsen Fadal Talks Ben and Jen’s Divorce

Tamsen appears on The Insider to talk about what's next for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner now that they are divorcing.

Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee talks about her new documentary that captures the most intimate moments of her story, Rx: Early Detection, A Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee highlights the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer.

Broadway Profiles with Tamsen Fadal: Wayne Brady Interview

Tamsen Fadal interviews the star of Broadway's Kinky Boots Wayne Brady

Tamsen's Writing

Perry Big Sister Journal

Tamsen writes about the beginning of her perimenopause/menopause journey

Mind Body Green - How I Learned To Fall Back In Love With Myself After Divorce

Tamsen writes about the stress of having her divorce play out on a public stage and lists the 5 things that helped her fall in love with herself again.

Meet Tamsen Fadal, NYC News Anchor

Get to know Tamsen – everything from why she’s not scared to unlock her bold to ten fast facts.


Let's Talk Menopause

Spotlighting World Menopause Day with “#MoreThanHotFlashes” ad campaign

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