Reinvent Yourself At 50 with Lesley Jane Seymour


Let’s talk about reinvention. Lesley Jane Seymour knows a thing or two about this topic. After a long career in magazines, including as Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine and Marie Claire, Lesley founded Covey Club, a group dedicated to supporting women 40+ in business ventures and personal growth. The platform fosters a community of bold women and lifelong learners starting new chapters in life.

She details how to start your next career progression and how you are never too old to try something new. She even calls the pandemic “The Great Reinvention” – there is no time like now to have a new beginning…whatever that looks like for you. She did not parse her words, though; she’s not saying it’s easy, she is saying it’s worth it and a learning experience no matter what the outcome is.

Her pivot began when More Magazine folded and she saw the audience reaction – they had nowhere to go! They had seen More as their community and Lesley picked up on that and set out to create a new home for them. From childhood experiences during her parents’ divorce, she knew the power of a support system; this is where her love for magazines began! She felt isolated because none of her friends were going through it. She was even told she couldn’t see her friends out of their parents’ fear that divorce was “contagious.” So, she turned to the only place she could find a community: magazines. Since then, every facet of her work, including Covey Club, has been committed to providing people with that same comfort and visibility she felt.

One of her favorite and most successful parts of Covey Club came about during the pandemic. It is called “Positive Mornings” and was born out of the unprecedented isolation and uncertainty that lockdowns brought. The series features reinvention coaches and discussions aimed at reducing stress and anxiety. Each session also provided a checklist of tips and advice you could take with you. It was so popular, it’s now an official, permanent part of Covey Club; join on Mondays.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to approach your reinvention fearlessly…even if you feel fear.
  • What experience she took from her time running magazines to apply to Covey Club.
  • How to connect directly to your audience to figure out what they need and want most.

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