Rochelle Jacobs: Taking Risks and Activating Your Entrepreneur

Rochelle Jacobs knows a thing or two about having perfectly glowing skin at any age. She also is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who founded spa skincare line June Jacobs with her mother over thirty years ago. Now, she’s fully taken the reins of this beauty empire and joined me to share how we can best take care of our skin as we age and her story of taking bold risks and growing her business.

To build a successful brand or business, you have to take big risks. If there’s anyone who knows about taking risks and succeeding as an entrepreneur, it’s Rochelle Jacobs.

Rochelle founded spa skincare lane June Jacobs with her mother over thirty years ago. Now, she’s fully taken the reigns of this beauty empire and continues to create innovative skincare products that boost glowy, clear skin. She also has her own company, Naturally Serious Skin, with a mission to bring clean beauty to a new level, while still keeping it understandable and digestible to people just beginning to learn about skincare.

She joins me to discuss how we can best take care of our skin by using the most natural and clean ingredients. We also found that we both agree on the fact that we feel more glowy, youthful, and confident during the times we don’t have to wear makeup. Like Rochelle, I have found that skincare has become more and more of a priority for me. When I was in my 20s, I didn’t worry as much about being consistent with my routine. But as Rochelle points out, protection from pollutants becomes more and more important as we age.

Rochelle’s incredible story of unlocking her bold to create a successful career in the beauty space also really resonated with me. She came from a more suffocating and straight-laced corporate setting where she realized being bold wasn’t an option. There, being bold meant going against the status quo and disrupting the way things have always been done. So she left that life with the intention to take risks and try something new, knowing that mistakes would happen, but that they would be learning experiences more than anything else.


  • What skincare product ingredients to look for that protect you best from the environment around you.
  • How taking a trip to Austria changed her view on the importance of taking risks.
  • What opening a business during the pandemic taught her about the power of strong teams and supportive relationships.

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