Tamsen Fadal is a member of the Macmillan Speakers Bureau and has significant experience as an event host and a motivational and inspirational speaker for all types of audiences.


From high-powered networking groups to personal branding to dynamic interactive dating coach services at her dating boot camp, as well as working for charities including Avon39 Breast Cancer Walk, United Cerebral Palsy of NYC, Ackerman Family Institute and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Tamsen Fadal has been called on as speaker for all types of audiences. Tamsen is a motivational, inspiring and available speakers with Macmillan Speakers and available to speak at your event.



Keynote Speeches:


Defining Your ‘All’

Can you really have it all? Of course you can. As long as you know what your “all” actually is. Tamsen helps you get your life in order and back on track by making yourself priority number 1. After that, she’ll help you define your goals for the short and long term, including 90 day, 1 year, and 5 year plans. Plus, she’ll talk about living by the list – using lists to guide and encourage your progress as you work toward having it All.

Romanticizing the Future

One of the hardest parts about starting over after a big life change is our tendency to romanticize and misremember the past. It’s our natural tendency to long for the good parts while glossing over the bad. But it’s time to be honest with yourself. Tamsen shows you how to improve your mood and your life immediately with tough love. She’ll explain how painting your past it’s true color will help you predict the future.

Unclutter Your Life; Declutter Your Heart

You may not realize it, but all the physical clutter in your life is directly connected to the emotional clutter in your heart. Tamsen helps you give both a fresh start. She’ll explain the importance of Sexy Self-Talk and learning to Love the Sound of “I.” Plus, she’ll show you how to remove your obstacles and Re-Feng Shui your home and your heart.

Invest In Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Whether you are starting over after a breakup or divorce and getting back into the job world or you have decided that you want a new start and want to pursue a new passion – it is never easy. Tamsen will explain how to maximize the skills you have and put them forward in creating a new brand and a new you. Investing in yourself and find out why it’s so important. From organizing your finances to deciding where to put the resources you have in creating a life that is the one you want to lead.

Don’t Let the Heels Fool You

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of shoes she wears. But whether you are most comfortable in the boardroom or the wine bar, the subway or the city streets, you are NOT defined by your Louboutins or your Toms. Tamsen explains the importance of trying on something new. She’ll talk about figuratively and literally stepping outside of your comfort zone to open yourself up to a new world of possibilities from your career to your relationships to starting over in life.


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