How Guys Really Think & How To Get The Right One Interested In You – by Tamsen Fadal

It’s been a week since your dream date. You thought the night went well but still no word from him. Sound familiar? As the husband-wife duo behind an exclusive New York dating service, the authors of Why Hasn’t He Called? have seen it all and have shocking insights into what guys are really thinking—during your first date and beyond. Armed with advice that’s both brutally honest and empowering, you will:

— Learn the secrets of the boy’s club
— Dress to impress and unleash your sexy, confident inner “Bond Girl”
— Determine which men are confirmed bachelors and which men are serious about a relationship
— Know what never to say on a first date


The New Single Book by Tamsen Fadal

The New Single

Emmy award winning television journalist Tamsen Fadal shares her secrets, stories, and sometimes-painful lessons for surviving, thriving, living, and loving as one of a growing group of women: The New Single.

Don't Date Dumb

This is THE guide that will make you a pro when it comes to navigating the often times confusing and frustrating world of dating.

Why Hasn't He Proposed

So you’ve found the love of your life. Good for you! But after dating the guy for months, even years, you’re starting to wonder: Why hasn’t he proposed?