10 Rules All Singles Should Live By - by Tamsen Fadal

So you’ve found the love of your life. Good for you! But after dating the guy for months, even years, you’re starting to wonder: Why hasn’t he proposed? This is the book for you. Written by the relationship experts from Lifetime’s “Matched in Manhattan,” this commonsense guide for the wannabe bride tells you if, when, and how you can get your man to pop the question.

  • Determine if he’s truly “Mr. Right”-or hopelessly “altarphobic”

  • Figure out why he’s afraid to get married-and how to calm those fears

  • Get him to propose without nagging, crying, or issuing ultimatums

  • Start your relationship off on the right track

This guide is shows you the perfect, no-pressure way to take your love to the next level-with “he says, she says” insights, relationship “red flags,” long-term secrets for lasting success, and real-life stories from the author’s famous dating service. It even includes a relationship timetable that will tell exactly when to take the next step-straight down the aisle to the marriage of your dreams.